Do you know your family coat of arms? What about the meaning behind your last name?  The Crypto of Arms has launched a new NFT collection that will allow users to mint their own family coat of arms and discover the significance of their last name.

The creators are a group of heritage enthusiasts who have distilled the coat of arms significance previously used for centuries for families down to the blockchain space.

This collection will be the first of its kind and will provide an opportunity for people to learn more about their family history and the origins of their last name. The collection is open to the public and accessible through the Crypto of Arms website.

Creators have assured us that this is not just another NFT collection, each NFT is associated with a surname. There are 10,000 different surnames based on the US most commonly used. “We believe this is an excellent cross-section of various cultures. The collection includes surnames from Europe, Asia, Spanish Speaking Americas, and Brazil.”  Each coat of arms has ten different traits, like helmet, shield, animal, and weapon among others, there’s a micro-website for each coat of arms featuring the significance of each trait.

Their discord is also home to a community of people passionate about family heritage and their origins, a great place for people eager to learn about their family’s history, share experiences, and connect with others who are interested in the same things. “Whether you’re just starting to research their family tree or you’ve been tracing their roots for years, people will find something valuable in this community,” said the creators. All that people have to do is own one of the 10,000 surnames available.



A micro-website page for the “Jaques” surname: