Mainnet Fee Chain – Mojaik ( developed by TimeStope team will be released on October 10, 2022.

The TimeStope team has been conducting the Blood Project since 2017 and the Timestope project in 2020, and has developed multi-chain technology with the goal of a blockchain with the fastest transmission speed.

Mojaik borrows the pronunciation of Mosaic, and is the latest blockchain technology that integrates multiple mainnets into one economic model, like a mosaic of works of art. If the existing mainnet method solves the transmission speed problem through multiple shards in one mainnet, Mojaik uses multiple mainnets simultaneously on the Mojaik platform, just like a computer using multiple CPUs., the mainnet can work.

Just as the development of the Internet requires the development of the Internet transmission speed, the development of the blockchain industry requires the rapid development of the blockchain transmission speed. The company explains that it developed Mojaik technology with the motto “The Fastest Block Chain Ever”

The reason why Yahoo’s search service, which was once the strongest search engine, lost the initiative to Google is that the server maintenance method that Yahoo is aiming for is a high-performance server like Oracle, and in a centralized management method, Google is distributed to countless servers at the level of home PCs. It can be compared with a management method that can manage and distribute the load, replace and increase the server in real time. After all, it is because it is advantageous in terms of cost and management to use a massive server in an inexpensive and easy-to-manage way for a service with continuously increasing content, such as YouTube.

The company said that the speed of the blockchain has increased even more with the release of Ethereum 2.0, but the Ethereum network will follow the same path as Yahoo. Mojaik, like Google, consolidated multiple mainnets into one economic model, eventually creating a new mainnet. Claim to be the standard for The strengths of Mojaik are the fastest transmission speed available to 10 billion people, the low transmission cost, the lower the transmission cost as the number of users increases, the easy management that can replace the mainnet with problems, and the ability to realize various VMs, so smart contracts of the blockchain not only can be implemented in various languages, but also that future technology can be applied to blockchain at any time.

In addition, the TimeStope team will raise funds through an ICO in the near future

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