A car of Jeon Jungkook, a member of idol group BTS, on an auction is a big issue.

This car is a Mercedes Benz AMG G63 Edition which was purchased and drove until recently by Jungkook. Then, it was sold to one collector in Korea and kept by him.

The reason why this car is special is because it was purchased and drove under Jungkook’s own name and very little was known about what kind of car BTS members owned so far.

Most of idol members including BTS purchase cars by contracting with lease companies, not under their own names.

An industry official expected a high winning bid given that it was the first car owned by a member of BTS and there is only a bare chance that cars privately owned by members of BTS are up for auction in the future.

Its management condition is the best. The mileage is about 11,000km and general condition such as painting is just like that of a new car. The car is kept as it was drove by Jungkook.

Anyone can participate in the auction, and it is held OpenSea, an NFT trading platform. To the highest NFT bidder, the real G-Wagon and documents proving that it was owned by Jungkook will be provided.

Be sure to check the URL(https://opensea.io/collection/jkgwagon) before participating in the auction since there are numerous active NFT auctions in OpenSea.

The car can be seen through reservations. For more details, please visit (https://www.jkgwagon.com)

Part of sales money will be donated to children and the underprivileged.


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