The Singapore exchange—FanBit, already officially launched on 27 Dec, providing USDT trading pairs for mainstream tokens such as BTC,ETH,DOGE,AVAX and SHID etc, financial products such as Staking and Mining services of USDT and MDX, and contract products of BTC,ETH and UNI etc. FanBit will also launch more high-quality projects and develop more financial products in the future to provide global users with comprehensive and diverse services of digital asset trading and management.

From now on, FanBit will launch a series of events to celebrate its launch. New users who opened contract trading accounts during the event can receive $10 reward; The first 100 users who opened contract tradings each day will receive $50 as a welcome bonus. Join in FanBit’s official telegram group, then users can receive another $50 reward.

FanBit will launch a series of events to celebrate its launch from 27 Dec (UTC+8). During the events, new users who registered on FanBit can receive $10 reward; users who participated in tradings with any token pair can share $10,000 together, with a maximum cap at $500 per user; and users who opened contract trading accounts and participated in contract tradings can receive $20 as trial fund, which can be up to $120!

FanBit is a global digital asset trading platform, which headquarter located in Singapore. The core members of its technology and operation team are top talents from international front-line technology and financial enterprises, including Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Barcays and Schroders etc. FanBit has built a high-performance and high-security platform architecture with diversified product options. Adhering to the basic principle of “User First” and the core concept of security and innovation, FanBit has created an extremely smooth trading experience for global users.


Spot tradings: FanBit provides massive token pairs in the crypto market. With the support of its safe and stable trading system, users can easily conduct tradings with their favorite tokens. At the same time, the listed tokens of FanBit enjoy top trading depth and users can participate in tradings of any scale and also experience a smooth trading experience.

Contract tradings: The contract products of FanBit have lots of merits, such as smooth ordering, rapid response and no slippage etc. The contract product of FanBit aims to improve users’ trading experiences, and abandon the complex trading mode. The operation interface of contract tradings is concise and clear, which supports functions such as “click to open/close position”and “close part of the positions”etc. The minimum margin rate of 0.5%, rigorous account liquidation mechanism and the 0-100 free leverage options provided by FanBit enable users to achieve the highest capital utilization rate and maximize asset benefits.

Staking: FanBit provide users with multiple staking products, such as the fixed-term/current staking of mainstream tokens like USDT and USDC, and the mining projects of FIL and MDX, with up to 20% APY. Users can earn profits during tradings or in free time.

FanBit provides 24/7 online customer service to answer your question at any time.

With the rapid development of the crypto market, more and more people begin to understand and participate in crypto tradings. The mainstream social groups and professional funds have also begun to enter the crypto market. In this special period, major exchanges have started certain strategic adjustments. Choosing a professional, safe, stable and convenient exchange is extremely vital for users to realize their financial goals. The featured functions and incentive plans of FanBit meet the standards of high-quality exchanges. Our mission is to reshape global digital assets using blockchain technology and set a new example for the crypto trading market.

For more details, please visit FanBit’s official website:

Company: FanBit

Contact: Steven Lee

Tel: +86198 0105 8321

Email: [email protected]



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