DX Spot Application has been devised for helping traders to get AI assistance to provide strategies and automatic trading in the cryptocurrency field.

The numbers of crypto users is going rapidly during the Covid 19 pandemic in the world. Undeniable that this significant Crypto users number causing the transaction volume are increase. The enthusiasm of Crypto aset investment giving a lot economic growth and more benefit for those who directly involved on this sectors.

Along with this crypto trade and investment animo, DX Spot presenting a solution for traders that could be change the course of trading by doing automatically with DX Spot Application. Since Crypto market are open for 24 Hours a day and without any closing time, it is impossible for traders to obtain and watching the price fluctuating of the coin or token prices. There for DX Spot came to the rescue for traders to execute position, this would be possible because DX Spot application able to work online 24 hours.

DX Spot application began to help out and provide solutions to the traders on crypto exchanges. The rise and fall of the coins cannot be predicted in the crypto market. As a result, traders often lose their money due to a lack of in-depth analysis. With the help of DX Spot money management, one will be able to reduce risks and calculate profit or loss which has been analyzed by dxspot when the market is unstable.

The team behind DX Spot Application consists of CEO Angga Krisma, CTO Leonard, COO Loke Wai How, Chief Marketing Officer Antonio Mo, Chief Community Officer Arlene Nungay, Promotor Manager NK Nasir Khan, and Influencer Manager Opadotun Taiwo Joseph.

The majority of the cryptocurrency bot in the market offer manual bot setup for the traders. It utilizes conventional strategies. As a result, the trader needs to find a profitable setup for their needs. Many traders fail to devise a long-term plan to make money. Whereas in Dx Spot they can choose auto trade with various strategies provided or can follow master trader with synchronize strategy. 

“We understand the needs of the traders, both novice and experienced in the field of cryptocurrency. Hence we have used AI trading bots for DX Spot Application. With the help of AI trading bots, one can achieve a better level of performance. The trader need not have to devise strategies for earning money. DX Spot will help them devise strategic parameters that they can use to increase their chances of earning more from cryptocurrencies,” said CTO Leonard.

CEO Angga Krisma said, “One of the biggest advantages of DX Spot Application is that it is simple and user-friendly. It can be used easily by a beginner in crypto-currency or an expert. The setup process has been kept simple so that both the beginners and the experts can easily create an account and try to earn profit in the world of crypto-currency”.

Like being Quoted by Antonio Mo as the Chief Marketing Officers that DX Spot also have their own Crypto currencies which is Token BEP-20 that being created under the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). DX Spot Token have 21,000,000 total supply with DXS Symbol, with Proof Of Staking (POS) by holding its token to earn same token rewards. DXS Token are Utility Token on DX Spot application with decentralized concept that can connecting international users, and The company also have started application development for decentralized finance, games, NFT, and Metaverse with blockchain technology. 

At the beginning of 2022 Dx Spot will sell DXS tokens by way of IDO or launchpad, you can buy at a lower price before DXS listing on the market. The price of DXS tokens is priced at $0.1/ DXS. For more details, you can read our white paper or contact the CMO of DxSpot.

Video app : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX6UofC-nNU

For more information on DX Spot application contact Antonio Mo (CMO) on WhatsApp at +36 70 575 3073 and visit:

Telegram Channel- https://t.me/DxSpot

Twitter- https://twitter.com/dxspotofficial

Website- www.dxspot.io


Media Information:

Business Name: Dx Spot 

Contact Person: Antonio Mo

Contact Number: +62 811 221 775

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.dxspot.io

Country: Indonesia


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