In 2020 all sports experienced the severe effects of the global pandemic. The once extremely lucrative industry was completely suspended in all of its iterations. Because of the virus, almost all nations made it absolutely mandatory to seize all forms of physical competition. All the extremely popular sports such as Football, Tennis, Basketball, Boxing, MMA and many more were completely suspended and postponed, leaving sports betting enthusiasts without any alternative, until the crypto gambling websites offered a viable solution. With all of the live sports suspended, popular casinos turned towards the industry of Video game sports and started offering their players numerous variants of Esports Bitcoin Betting.

Crypto Casinos are promoting Esports Betting

Once the pandemic truly hit the general population, popular crypto casinos found a worthy alternative to the live sports betting. Esports gambling turned out to be even better for the gamblers than previously thought. It turned out that itโ€™s a highly surging industry, growing in size exponentially each year. These tournaments are amazing to watch because of the extremely high levels of competition. The players of these games are total masters of their craft, performing unbelievable moves and showing incredible skills during the gameplay. Esports Betting games are filled with adrenaline and fast pace, which leaves spectators in absolute awe. Crypto Casinos are significantly pushing forward the concept of Esports Bitcoin Betting.

How To bet on the most popular Esports Gambling Games

Esports Betting provides gamblers with the extremely popular tournaments of famous titles such as CSGO, Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft, and infinitely more. All these games are legends of the video gaming industry, attracting millions of high-level players to these competitions. Betting on the Esports is essentially the same as live sports. You can easily bet on the team of your choice to win or lose. You can also bet on certain statistics, among which is the team score, player score, kill/killed ratio, final scores, and various other statistics. You can easily create various bet slips and use numerous customization tools provided by the Esports betting service.

Will Esports Bitcoin Betting stay popular?

Some betting enthusiasts believe that once the live sports return to normal, Esports Betting will become redundant, but that is definitely far from the truth. These games are simply too fun to watch and bet on. Even though there are major similarities between the classic and virtual forms of sports, there are also many things that are different. The dynamic of Esports tournaments are much more fast-paced and much more personalized towards the participating players. There is a sense of in-depth participation when gamblers take part in Esports Betting. Popular Crypto Casinos such as FortuneJack, plan to double down on the concept of Esports Bitcoin Betting and provide an even wider range of available games and tournaments than before.


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