Hong Kong-based BTS Army Co., Limited has been operating a news site for ARMYs for several years and has recently released the Army Dollar token for the metaverse, which is rapidly growing, at DEXORCA, a global hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, on May 20 ( announced that it will be listed on GMT+15).

Dexorca Cryptocurrency Exchange, headquartered in Dubai, is an innovative decentralized hybrid exchange platform based on staypending and Layer 2 technology. It is an exchange that has received high interest from not only users but also coin foundations because of its technological prowess.

Army dollar token is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum (ETH), and it is a cryptocurrency with the most popular and secure smart contract functions like USDT. Only 30% of the total 3 billion issuance will be circulated, and the rest will be used as currency to be used in ARMYWORLD.IO, its own metaverse.

Previously, BTS Army Co., Limited signed a memorandum of understanding for metaverse development with Morobogi, a specialized metaverse development company. At this point in time when Facebook and IT giants are turning their eyes to Metaverse, ARMY Dollar, which has secured loyal members who have been operating a news site for many years, is selling virtual real estate in Metaverse, NFT marketplaces, shopping malls, etc. The company explains that while providing a playground, you will be able to earn US Dollar tokens by working on the metaverse.

Fans already have billions of clicks on YouTube, but the reality is that they aren’t getting paid for anything. If you click on the YouTube room in ARMYWORLD, you can receive an ARMY dollar token, so many fans can earn coins by doing activities here.

The company said that it will play the role of a union of fans so that they can gather thousands of ARMYs from all over the world in one place so that their hard work is not in vain and they can claim the rights of the fans.

We have a lot of ARMYs, and we are looking forward to the growing world of ARMYs as the Metaverse created by their needs and the Army Dollar token, a dedicated virtual currency to be used in it, are listed on Dexorca, a global hybrid international exchange.


Media Contact:

Email: [email protected]

Company: BTS Army Co., Limited

Contact Person: Joseph D. Hugh

Phone : +852-6879-9987

Website : www.armydollar.io

City: Hong Kong

Country: Hong Kong SAR


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