Cybershinu, the effort of co-founders Nella g and Roman Sorin, is one movement that is bringing NFTs to the next level. The creators of Cybershinu believe they have a revolutionary concept that should be implemented in the NFT metaverse immediately. With the popularity of its meme currency, it’s on a quest to use blockchain technology on as many valued things as possible.

Using blockchain technology, every sort of asset may be represented as digital (or crypto) money. Any digital asset may be stored and transferred via the Blockchain, which is well-known as the basis of digital currencies. Stable coins, such as dollars, may represent real-world money, while non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can represent real-world assets such as art, games, and collectibles, as well as virtual currencies like bitcoin. As a result, the NFT industry is seeing significant growth. NFTs brought in around $100 million in consumer spending by 2020. It also reached $22 billion in value by 2021. OpenSea and Rarible are only two of the many online marketplaces where tokenized assets may be purchased. If you don’t want to stake on a certain event, you may still benefit from NFTs by diversifying your portfolio with a variety of other cryptocurrencies. Find out more about Cybershinu and how to make money with cryptocurrency on their website.

What does Cybershinu stand for?

The ERC-20 coin Cybershinu is not your usual ERC-20. Those in the Cybershi movement want to see the dog-token business flourish. To become the most popular meme currency in the world, Cybershinu has an interesting tale to tell and a fair launch, as well as an excellent comic book series. With the competitive objective of creating a humane society for all its residents, the business also plans to make its coin available to the general public as currency that may be accepted by any blockchain user.

Cybershinu offers a pre-sale at regulated token prices that enable Cybershinu to support early investors. It will be impossible for whales to deposit their waste on the Cybershis since they will constantly be one step ahead. It might be the safest investment choice available on the market today.

It is the mission of Cybershinu to provide assistance and support to animals all across the globe. Animals in need will be provided shelters and foster families as support.


The Tokenomics of Cybershinu is advantageous. According to Cybershinu, investors should be able to fully manage their NFT Crypto assets. Consequently, the Cybershi team decided not to charge a token tax in the future. Tokenomics may be broken down into five distinct subfields:

  • DEX/CEX is awarded 50% of the credit.
  • Staking receives a 20 percent cut.
  • Pre-sale tickets are discounted by 20%.
  • Each member of the group receives a 5% bonus.
  • Locked-Incentives get a 5% boost.

For marketing, unforeseen taxes, and charitable gifts, 5 percent of the locked incentives will be spent. From now until March 7, the pre-sale will be set to 100B tokens. Tokens will be sold for $0.0005. As a result of the vital importance of the pre-sale to Cybershinu’s aim, the remaining tokens will be burnt if it fails to meet the 20% threshold. Following the pre-sale, the staking, which will be 20%, shall take effect. The last step is a simple one. 20 percent DEX and 30 percent of the remaining assets will be available on the CEX liquidity market.

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