Dexorca Exchange, the world’s first hybrid, decentralized exchange, will hold the 1st Arab Blockchain Summit (ABS) in May 28 at Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

The event will host the programs such as networking, technology MOUs, and conferences in the related industries that reflect the needs of the Middle East virtual assets market, which has recently grown and developed in the existing Chinese and U.S.-led blockchain markets.

The Dubai-based Dexorca Exchange is an innovative, decentralized, hybrid exchange platform that is based on the staypending and the layer 2 technology. And it has an innovative technology that solves the problems of the weak security of the existing centralized exchanges, the slow speed, and the high fees.

Recently, the Dexorca Exchange developed and applied the world’s first e-mail wallet to increase the accessibility to the decentralized exchange. And, by implementing the centralized and decentralized markets at the same time, the users can easily trade with the convenient interfaces and the stable systems, thereby attracting the many coin foundations around the world.

In addition, Burj de Lab, a Korean IT company that provides Dexorca’s core blockchain technology, had been organized through the conference know-how that is based on digital technology (SL2). And it plans to host an event more abundantly and reliably through a global network of the related industries.

A spokesperson from Dexorca comments, “This event will be an innovative communication summit for the related industries that brings together a wide range of networks with the global participation of various countries from Asia and Europe as well as the UAE and Saudi Arabia.”

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